Buying A Real Estate Property? Read This Before Investing

Is investing in real estate property still a trend?

Yes, it is! In fact, investing in real estate is the easiest and safest way of building asset(s) for a secured future.

Getting in contact with a broker or an agent might help to find the type of property you are planning to invest in.  But like any other investment, one needs to analyse & evaluate the pros by themselves before blindly trusting someone else’s advices or options. 

Don’t be stressed, if you’re investing in real estate for the first time!  Here’s a checklist to keep in mind before buying your first 1Bhk, 2Bhk, 3Bhk or 4Bhk!

3 Things to Check for the Real Estate Developer

1. Past Projects History

It is quite fancy to buy a property being constructed by a popular Real Estate Developer. But, it is you who will utilize that particular property purchased. Hence, you need to research on the projects developed by the builder group in the past, the amenities they provide and if the residents face any problems with it.

Establishing a trust factor should be your first step before you buy any real estate property and past projects history will assist you.

2. RERA Registration

Real Estate is one of the common interests of most investors and hence RERA is an initiative by the Government of Gujarat. It provides a secure platform for transparency between customers and developers to encourage investment whilst consumer rights protected.

So, you need to check & verify if the property is registered on RERA. All the information related to the project will be available there.

3. Recognition & Rewards

Rewards speak louder than words. You should check if the developers have received any awards or have been recognized for any of their projects


1. Get back to the basics

What is the first thing you do when you find a luxurious flat you want to buy? Well, safety and security come into the basics. Your luxury residence should be studded with protective features like CCTV camera, fire exits, clear evacuation plans and more necessities required to make the residents feel safe and protected. It should be nearer to the vegetable market, hospital & transport facilities should be available at the walking distance so that you can access your basic needs easily.

2. High-end Amenities

Have verbal discussion sessions with the real estate developers about the high-end amenities they will offer with the project. Discuss the maintenance period for the facilities like swimming pool, elevators, lift, fire safety services and so on.

3. Green Space & Eco-friendly Surroundings

Sufficient parking space, spacious lawns, jogging track, walking area, kids play area and the well-being of the surroundings impact a lot. Check out for the healthy surroundings by making yourself familiar with the property you want to buy.

4. Consider your Future Need

You may shift to a 4 BHK Luxury Apartment from your Premium 2 BHK Flat. What would be the resale value of this flat then? So, you need to make a rough calculation of the approximate value you can get back in the future.

Thinking of the future is what you should plan now while buying a real estate property to make the most out of your investment. Also, you should plan ahead of the steps that you should take if the project crosses the timeline but is not completed yet.

5. Go on a Self-Expedition

Don’t rely on the photos and attractive brochures. Pay a site visit, check the sample flat and visit the property while it is under construction to see if things are going as expected. This will help you in taking the necessary steps if something goes wrong.

The Journey Of Real Estate- SP Group

SP Group is a reputation built over a decade and is proudly passed on to generations as a legacy. We are uttered as a renowned name today when it comes to building luxury apartments, flats or residences. It took years of restless efforts and expertise to give innovative, exemplary and inspirational premium apartments to people.

We would like you to get closer with an introduction to our journey and the way we have flourished as one of the best real estate developers in Vadodara.

SP Group- The Beginning

The group that is on run to make your living marvellous. Lavish and magnificent structures that will make your heart skip a beat. We would make your dream come true. With rich experience of 12+ years, “SP Infra” has earned an Industrial benchmark’ for quality, customer focus, uncompromising business ethics & the answering commitment to timeless values with total transparency in every aspect of its business. We make your choice much clear by rendering you with services and amenities that will smitten you for a lifetime. We are so grateful to be a leading real estate company that is trusted by our clients and we are rooting for more people to engage with us in creating secured livelihood for their families.

Vision & Mission

We don’t attempt real estate properties with a profit-gaining approach but a viewpoint to give luxurious homes with modish amenities that fit current lifestyles at its best.

Every project by SP Group is delivered within deadline and 100% customer satisfaction along with premium quality as promised. Any owner of luxury apartments built by us is a valuable customer for us and we make sure that their trust is built strong with years.

We value your investment of trust and money with us and so we make sure that you get your property with safety-backed, amenity-rich and affordable homes. With every project, many families get their dream homes into reality which is a dream come true for us too.

We are looking forward to raising the bar of quality and implement innovative trends in our upcoming projects.

What to look out before buying a Luxury

When your pockets feel heavy to buy a luxury flat, you must be curious to learn what’s new in the market. At the same time, you should also know the star-features that are inevitable in your luxury home.

Let us take you through some vital things to be kept in mind while buying a luxury residence.

1. It is worth Investing?

Ask this to yourself – “Am I making the worthy investment?” You may consider several aspects like the location, amenities, your actual need and personalization options,transport facilities, etc. Also, consider its resale value if in case, you may sell it sometime in the future

Millennials are now investing in Luxury Apartments that can be used as holiday home rentals and a lucrative option that can be cashed. Have you check SP Group’s lavish projects yet? It’s all set to make every pennyworth.

2. Inherits Individuality

Gone are the days when people opted to live in an apartment that is handover to them as per the developer’s wish. An infrastructure that is built according to the client’s needs is attracting takers. The thing is that people are ready to spend if they get what they want.

Thus, you should also look out for customization options that turn your luxury home into an enjoyable experience.

3. Amenities that Uplift your Status

There is a huge wall between a flat and a luxurious flat. What separate them are worldclass facilities.

3BHK & 4 BHK Ultra Luxurious Flats will have notching amenities that can’t be imagined with common apartments. Jacuzzi, Steam Bath, Sauna, Spa, Gym with modern equipment, Pool-side party deck and in-house Grocery & Laundry Store are some extraordinary amenities fitted in SP Group’s Project

All these eye-candy amenities will lift your lifestyle and status with ultra-comfort and convenience. Not just these amenities are to attract you, they are well-maintained.

4. Technology-studded Infrastructure

From stylish elevators to electric power backup and security, you should be surrounded by high-tech facilities. It gives you nothing but a safe and secure environment where you,kids and aged family members feel protected.

Fancy exteriors and lavish interior backed by round-the-clock security are typical of luxurious homes.

5. Keeps you close to Nature

After having a busy day at work, when you stand in your deck balcony and enjoy the beauty of nature, this is the moment you feel home. The key to healthy social and emotional life is connectivity to nature. Look out for peaceful surroundings and a wider playground where your kids get enough space to live their childhood to the fullest.

What next?

You have learned what makes a luxurious flat “sumptuous” in true sense. It’s the time to have a check on the much-talked-about ones in Vadodara

While you search for a luxury home, don’t forget to peep through 3 BHK &4 BHKLuxurious Flats in Vadodara,Gujarat  by SP Group.

Real Estate – Best for Investment

Investment is extremely vital for all people and putting resources into real estate is the best medium to make sure about our future.. Finding luxuries is what normal people do but finding the best real estate where they find comfort, luxuries, amenities, and perfect structure is the sign of extraordinary people. And if you are from extraordinary then you can’t forget to visit new upcoming residential projects in Vadodara especially projects which are under SP Group.

But you would be thinking about why you should invest in real estate? Isn’t it?

Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

1.  Can make one fix income by the rental source which can help your future generation too.

2.  You can always have the passive income. Also, we can’t forget that we can gain a stable cash flow that too with tax advantages.

3.  It helps in building equity and wealth

4.  In the world of competition, real estate investment can always help to adjust your risk returns.

In the pandemic situation where every industry is struggling and searching for hope, real estate is sure that they are going to grow again and this time they will stand up stronger than yesterday.

If you look deep into projects you will find property for sale in Vadodara which can help you to invest with the budget you have.

We can’t overlook the fact that investing in real estate is going to be tangible assets and not on paper investment which gives a bounce back with reliability and ROI which is the return of investment.

Safety, security, and stability are the aspects that are going to be hand in hand with the investment.

How to invest in real estate?

This needs to be done step by step

  1. Make sure you have the proper funding and keep all your finances in order and calculate how things will work out.
  2. REIT is the best way if you are lacking to have funds with you
  3. Surfing on the local market is very important
  4. Once you buy a property you can either become a landlord or you can sell it at a higher price. The choice is yours.

Thus investing in real estate can be done in 4 simple ways.

Final words

If you are looking for an investment, you can always go for the best investment which is real estate. This can help them to bid the time till the period or situation which don’t suit them to sell their property or they can give on rent which will just fix their income.

So have you invested your money in real estate? No, then what are you waiting for? Let’s don’t waste any single opportunity and just invest our money with future benefit in real estate.